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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
116119774491519213263193161Niraj D DesaiWantirna South 5th XI2019/2020K Grade6 1Templeton 5th XI
21104043761519213234465110Ben StowWantirna South 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield9 1Montrose 2nd XI
31014166141519213263187101*Aaron KinghornWantirna South 5th XI2019/2020K Grade5 1Eastfield 4th XI
41004065181519213243972100Sam D BarnesWantirna South 3rd XI2019/2020A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)5 1St Andrews 2nd XI
588206349151921338043188Cameron K SmithWantirna South CC2019/2020RDCA PSV T205 1East Ringwood CC
672404376151921323445372Ben StowWantirna South 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield6 1Montrose 2nd XI
767404376151921323445867*Ben StowWantirna South 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield7 1Kilsyth 2nd XI
864406927151921317394664Troy J McGownWantirna South 1st XI2019/2020Lindsay Trollope Shield5 1Ainslie Park 1st XI
962378291151921326316862Paul PayneWantirna South 5th XI2019/2020K Grade1 1Heathwood 5th XI
1060375941151921323443860Simon G InglefingerWantirna South 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield2 1North Ringwood 2nd XI
1158416614151921326284558Aaron KinghornWantirna South 4th XI2019/2020H Grade (John Macmillan Shield)1 1Ainslie Park 5th XI
12571179523151921325387357Logan B BellWantirna South2019/2020Under 14-43 1Bayswater Park
1353755131151921326320353*Zackary KelaitaWantirna South 5th XI2019/2020K Grade8 1Kilsyth 6th XI
1452404446151921326287852*Bradley HarringtonWantirna South 4th XI2019/2020H Grade (John Macmillan Shield)9 1Wantirna 2nd XI
1552404814151921317395152Daniel ThurgoodWantirna South 1st XI2019/2020Lindsay Trollope Shield7 1Lilydale 1st XI
16511101559151921326320851*Ryan Ashwin PatnaikuniWantirna South 5th XI2019/2020K Grade9 1Warrandyte 7th XI
1751755131151921324706451*Zackary KelaitaWantirna South2019/2020Under 16-33 1Monash Glen Waverley
18501151942151921326288350*Zach TempletonWantirna South 4th XI2019/2020H Grade (John Macmillan Shield)10 1Heathwood 3rd XI
1950416614151921326286650Aaron KinghornWantirna South 4th XI2019/2020H Grade (John Macmillan Shield)6 1Wantirna 2nd XI
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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